Dmitriy Sklyarov Does it Again


A first at Shadowscope for a fucktard to be featured here twice. 21-year-old hate monger and racist Dmitriy Sklyarov was featured here back in October of last year (and updated in February) for child abuse after he repeatedly bit his girlfriend’s nine-year-old son, leaving at least 13 bite marks that were visible the next day.

The convicted felon and Satanist is in trouble again after he was arrested Friday night in Muncie, Indiana.

Friday night officers in Muncie were looking for another suspect with a stolen handgun when they came across a group of people in the street. The officers told the gathering to put their hands on the hood of his car so that he could search for the handgun and Sklyarov refused, telling Patrol Officer Shane Finnegan he was just walking down the street.

According to Sklyarov “I don’t follow your laws. I follow the laws of Satan”. He also accused the officer of being brain-washed, working for Jewish interests and being a race traitor.

Sklyarov also smelled like alcohol as he was probably drinking heavily to cover the odor of shit. Police found a bottle of gin in his pocket and he was with a group of teens ranging in age from 15 to 19.

Sklyarov was charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct. He was released from the county jail on Saturday. All three charges are misdemeanors. Unfortunately under Indiana state law being a Fucktard isn’t against the law.

Sklyarov still has some pending charges from last year including possession of marijuana and harassment.

What’s funny is that I wouldn’t have even known about the new charges if someone (presumably Sklyarov) left a comment on my original post just a little while ago. Assuming he was out of jail (he was released in April with time served) I did a little digging and came up with his new antics.

I did come across another MySpace page that belongs to Sklyarov. It doesn’t look as if he’s logged into it in the last year though.


Dmitriy V. Sklyarov MySpace.

Really old MySpace.

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