Investigators searching for 7-year-old Somer Renee Thompson are reporting that they have found the body of a young child in a Georgia landfill. The Clay County Sheriff said that the body found earlier today had not been identified but did say that Somer’s parent’s had been notified.

According to MyFOXAtlanta Sheriff Beseler at first said that the body was female but then corrected himself and told the press that he was unable to confirm the gender.

The landfill, which sits 55 miles north of where Somer Thompson lives, is near Folkston, GA.
The garbage collected in the Orange Park area is delivered to that particular landfill.  According to the Sheriff, the body they found was partially covered. CNN is reporting that the FBI’s forensic crime unit is supposed to be headed to the landfill to investigate the remains.

Update 10/22/09CBS’ The Early Show interviewed Sheriff Beseler this morning and he told them what we already know, that they have tentatively identified the child found in the south Georgia landfill as Somer Renee Thompson. The clothing the child was wearing as well as a birthmark match that of Somer. They still don’t know the exact cause of death.

Update – Police in Orange Park have cordoned off a house under construction about 250 yards from the Elementary School that Somer Thompson was walking home from when she disappeared. They aren’t saying what, if any, evidence has been recovered but obviously they are trying to find something to link them to whoever brutally killed Somer Thompson.

Officers have questioned over 70 registered sex offenders in the area but there are 161 registered sex offenders that live in a five mile radius of Somer’s home.

Updated 10/24/09 – Police have finished questioning all of the registered sex offenders that live in the area where Somer went missing and as of now they have no suspects. While we talk a lot about sexual offenders re-offending this is most likely someone from outside of the area. How many sexual predators live in the area that are not or have not ever registered?

The autopsy has also been completed but police are not releasing the cause of death as they think that would hurt the investigation right now.

Update 10/26/09 – It looks like there is some serious breaking news going going on in this case. On October 21sth four men were arrested for armed robbery at the address of Somer Thompson and her family. You can find more information over at Blink on Crime.

Update 10/27/09 – The funeral for Somer Renee Thompson was held earlier today. After the services mourners were to release thousands of purple balloons in the air in her memory.

Still no release of the cause of death and no suspects have officially been named.

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