Jackie Knott Got Her An Alabama Child Restraint



Police in Albertville, Alabama got a real sight when they pulled over 37-year-old Jackie Denise Knott on Saturday. She had a cardboard box on top of her minivan and when officers looked inside they found Denise’s 13-year-old daughter riding inside.

It’s not been reported how fast Knott was driving but when police stopped her on Highway 431 and questioned the woman she told them “the box was too big to go inside the van and she would be able to hold it down if she was inside the box”.

Oh, but it gets even better…

When police asked Knott if she thought the child was safe in that position the Alabama fucktard replied that “the box was tied to the van with a clothes hanger”. About the only thing that would have made this better is if the box had been held together with duct tape.


Knott was arrested on the spot and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. A relative currently has the care of her daughter and police are notifying the Marshall County Department of Human Resources about it.

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