Janet Lee is a Veteran of the Psychic Wars


Every now and then I’ll get an email from a self-proclaimed psychic concerning whatever the big case in the news happens to be at the time. Mostly concerning Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony. The thing is, I pretty much share the same view as Morbid (and who I stole this story from) when it comes to psychics. There are none. Psychics are parasites on the bodies of the already distressed. Just like the lottery is a tax on the dumb, so psychics feed off of desperate people, draining them of what’s left of their hope along with their bank accounts.

Earlier this summer 35-year-old Janet Lee went to police with reports that she had been receiving threats over the phone concerning herself and her son. Four days after that she showed up at the Greenwich Hospital claiming that she had been attacked and beaten by a man outside of her office, someone having to do with ‘rival psychics’ in town (but she doesn’t know their names). Oh my god! Rival beating psychics. I hope the people of Greenwich are quickly making tin foil hats to protect themselves from the potentially fatal stupidity that seems to be going around!

Due to inconsistencies in Lee’s statements police who investigated the case don’t believe her (you think?). As a matter of fact the so-called “foremost psychic in New England” was arrested this past Saturday and charged with Falsely Reporting an Incident, Interfering With an Officer and Providing a False Statement after she turned herself in to police on a warrant. One would think that she might have seen the arrest in her future…

According to Janet’s home page “Janet Lee is a born gifted Psychic…”Ever since I was a young girl I had the spiritual power to see into other people’s past’s and future. I always knew that this gift was to help others and to help them get to their soul purpose. In my journey I have met and helped many wonderful people now let me help you.” *COUGHbullshitCOUGH*

Judging from her prices she must make a decent living as a parasite. Christ, her phone readings are $200 according to her site. I guess because it’s so much harder to deceive people that aren’t actually sitting there in front of you.


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