Jeremy Harryman Gets 8 Years After Befriending Two Young Boys


38-year-old Jeremy Gene Harryman of Fullerton, CA is a convicted sex offender with two prior convictions for child molestation in Orange County as well as one for Child Sexual Abuse in Oregon. So why the fuck is this dude on the loose anyway?

Not anymore and thank goodness he was caught in time.

Jeremy became friends with the mother of two young boys who was a customer at his tire shop and started spending time with them. He would talk to one of the boys about sex, tried to get them to undress in front of him and even stripped for them once.

Luckily a co-worker of the woman found out he was a sexual offender and let the woman know, who in turn went to the police.

Harryman was sentenced yesterday to eight years and eight months in prison for trying to befriend the two boys in hopes of molesting them. He pleaded guilty earlier this week to three felony counts of child annoyance which were bumped up to felonies because of his record.

The only thing I can say about this is that it’s too bad he only got eight years. He’ll be 46 and unless someone stops him he’ll most likely rape some other unsuspecting child.


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