Keighley Alyea Found Dead


18-year-old Keighley Ann Alyea (MySpace) of Overland Park Kansas and missing since last week has been found dead in a farm field in Cass County Missouri.

According to police they have arrested three men in the death of the woman but few details have been released so far. One of the men is her ex-boyfriend Dustin B Hilt, 18, Gerald S. Calbeck, 18 and Joseph D. Mattox, 21.

Back on September 28th Keighley intervened in an argument between her ex and his sister that was getting violent. It’s rumored that the murder may have had something to do with her breaking up their argument. The three douchebags below are the men charged in the crime.

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Keighley went missing around midnight last Tuesday night after her ex-boyfriend had sent an urgent text message according to friend’s of hers. When she arrived she sent her friends a text saying “I’m here. I’m parked a block away”. That was the last time anyone heard from Keighley Alyea.

The three men have been charged with murder, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

Alyea finally broke off her relationship with Hilt, who she dated for about two years, because of physical and emotional abuse.

Dustin Hilt Dustin Hilt

Dustin Hilt’s MySpace (cached)


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