Liz Raedeke Hooked Up With Her Fiance's Brother


As Elizabeth Raedeke’s current MySpace status states, “Love is worse than rollercoasters”. I can related to that. It’s not such a big deal now that I’ve been married going into our third decade (crap that makes me feel old for some reason) but I still remember butterflies in the stomach, the do I or don’t I’s and all that crap. Thank god I don’t have to worry about it now (most days). It’s even worse when, like 22-year-old Elizabeth Radeke, you can’t be around your significant other. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to when you are depressed. At least that’s what Liz told the police…she just needed someone to talk to…talking led to heavy petting as it sometimes does…and petting led to fucking…her fiance’s brother.

Ow. That’s a sticky situation and one that might be awful hard to explain to her boyfriend, but then again, at least she didn’t sleep with a stranger. So what’s Liz’s drama got to do with Shadowscope? You know she’s got to be up to some screwy stuff if she’s here. Well, that would be because her fiance’s little brother is only 13. You knew it had to be something nasty.

The news reports I’ve come across don’t say when the incidents occurred but she’s been talking to him for a while at least because his last comment on Liz’s MySpace was back in February. Raedeke was arrested and lodged in the St. Charles County Jail (Missouri) on two counts of statutory rape and one count of statutory sodomy. Her bail is $35,000 and as of this past Friday she was still sitting in the pokey.


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