Maria Isabel Torres-Baez Strangled Her Baby


22-year-old Maria Isabel Torres-Baez showed up at the Houston Medical Center in Warner Robins, GA last week complaining of abdominal pain shortly after midnight. While she was waiting to be seen she allegedly went into the restroom, gave birth and strangled her baby, and left the dead child there while she went back out into the waiting room.

While she was being seen by emergency room personnel about a quarter till three the child’s body was discovered in the restroom and police were called. Torres-Baez denied that the baby was hers but having delivered a child is a bit hard to hide when medical professionals are already examining you.

Maria Torres-Baez was released from the hospital yesterday and was immediately arrested and charged with murder. The autopsy report says that the child was strangled, most likely with Maria’s bare hands. She’s currently lodged in the Houston County Jail in Perry with no bond.


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