Marty Burt Arrested For Online Sex Chats With a Minor

43-year-old Marty Loyde Burt of Dalton, GA has been arrested by the FBI Northwest Georgia Crimes Against Children Task Force in Whitfield County last Friday and charged with attempted aggravated child molestation and violation of the computer pornography act.

Basically the mother of a minor child discovered inappropriate chats between her child and an unknown person so she called the police. It ended up being investigated by the task force and Burt was arrested and charged.

He was released this past Tuesday on $50,000 and thus far has refused to give any media outlets a comment on his arrest. Burt owns His Design Precision Machine Shop in Dalton. I’m assuming His Design has something to do with God or Jesus because, you know, God and Jesus are OK with molesting kids.


I don’t have a mug shot for the guy but if I come across one I’ll be sure to post it.


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