Michael O'Shea Arrested For Taping Teens


My local paper carried this story about a few days ago but at the time there wasn’t very much information so I figured I would just sit on it. Now that MyFoxAtlanta has picked it up and more information has been released I thought I would give 66-year-old Michael O’Shea some attention.

O’Shea has been accused of videotaping three teenage girls using a bathroom in his house when they came to visit his son. In addition to the three of them Villa Rica Police think that there may be as many as 40 different victims.

Two of the three girls that he is charged with recording discovered the camera last year but they were so embarrassed that they just took the camera and left with it. After looking at the content on the camera they destroyed it. A friend of theirs discovered last month that she was being taped and that’s when all three came forward and reported it to police.


O’Shea is an active member in the community, being the city’s former soccer director. His house is also the “popular” on in the neighborhood. You always have one house where all the kids go to hang out, where the parents are “cool”. This is it.

The Villa Rica police department confiscated around 80 tapes from O’Shea’s house along with thumb drives, cameras and two computers. They are saying that once they’ve gone through the evidence more charges are likely to come.

O’Shea was served a search warrant last Thursday and was arrested Thursday evening. In addition to being charged with three counts of illegal surveillance he has also been charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. He was fired from the Villa Rica Department of Parks and Recreation last Friday.


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