If you thought that the case and people surrounding the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings couldn’t get any stranger, think again.

Police in Palatka, Florida are saying that Misty Croslin was robbed Monday evening in the parking lot of an apartment building. According to law enforcement two or three black males jumped on Misty, taking her purse and pulling her out of her car.

Misty fought with the men and made it back to her car and the driver took off. Another woman who was with Misty chased after the men but obviously didn’t find them. Police apparently found a crushed pill bottle with pills inside at the scene.

Personally I think one of three things happened. Either she went down to buy some drugs and the deal went bad or this is her attempt at getting sympathy from the media and law enforcement. The last thing is that perhaps this is Misty’s way of trying to reconcile with Ron, somehow getting him to come back to her and keep her safe. Maybe I’m just way off base but this just seems like bullshit to me.

Updated – Seems like I was right on the money with the drug deal comment.

Update 2 10/21/09 – H/T to Art Harris at the Bald Truth. Here’s the content of the 911 call.


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