Updated – Naomi Perez Has Snakes in Her Head


33-Year-Old Former teacher at Saddleback High School Naomi Perez is free on $50,000 bond as she faces charged of sexual misconduct with a 17-Year-Old student as well as vandalizing his car. The resident of Brea, CA was arraigned earlier today on charges of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse, Oral Copulation of a Minor, Sexual Penetration by Foreign Object and a misdemeanor charge of Vandalism.

Perez and the unnamed student were alleged to have had a sexual relationship between June and the end of August back in 2007 and included several sexual encounters at her house in Brea. Apparently the student broke off their relationship at some point during the summer but Perez got all freaky and keyed and dented the boy’s car outside of his house on August 27th of this year, two years after the relationship ended. He is now 18 but attended Saddleback High School when they met.

The victim reported the vandalism, which is when the allegations of sex came out into the open. According to police, Perez has been chasing the boy ever since he broke it off in 2007.

Perez was placed on administrative leave on August 28th. She was later suspended without pay and ended up being officially terminated on October 13th.

If she’s convicted Perez faces up to 52 months in prison.

Updated 2/23/2013 – In June of 2010 Naomi ended up receiving 150 days in jail and five years of probation after a guilty plea. She was also ordered to register as a sex offender.

Naomi has changed her name and has a blog online as well but there’s no reason to link to it here. Hopefully she’s paid her debt and won’t be involved with any more horseshit after this.

The only reason I’m updating this at all is the fact that someone with an axe to grind sent me an email concerning Perez that pointed out the location of her blog as well as her current name.


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