Paul Bergrin Convicted of Running a Brothel


53-Year-Old Paul Bergrin of New York was convicted recently of running a brothel in Manhattan. Having been a prosecutor and then a defense lawyer this really wasn’t a huge career change since in both cases you tend to get fucked for a fee.

Bergrin was sentenced Wednesday to time served after being convicted of taking over an escort service after the 2005 arrest of it’s founder who oh by the way also happened to be one of Bergrin’s clients.

Although Bergrin received only a time-served sentencing he won’t be released from prison quite so soon as he has been indicted for (and pled not guilty to) charges of murder, conspiracy and racketeering. He’s been accused of arranging the killing of a witness in New Jersey.

Back in June the New Jersey Supreme Court suspended Bergrin’s license to practice law. The racketeering charges stem from the fact that he used threats and bribery, and in one case murder, to keep witnesses from testifying against his clients.


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