Robert Ward Has Bond Hearing Today

James Robert (Bob) Ward, the millionaire who was been held in an Orange County jail for the last couple of weeks charged with the murder of his wife Diane, is scheduled for a bond hearing Thursday afternoon.

Originally Ward dialed 911 and told the operator that he had shot his wife but later on changed his story and now he is claiming that his wife killed herself.

One thing that may or may not be related to this murder/suicide is the fact that the Wards are facing a federal lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that even though his development company is in deep financial doo-doo the Wards continued spending money, including buying five new cars recently. His $100 million company filed for bankruptcy last year and he hasn’t made his $17,000 monthly mortgage payment on his house for over a year and it is currently in foreclosure. The lawsuit claims that the Wards were diverting money from the company to family members.

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