Back before I turned Shadowscope into a strictly crime-only blog I would post some of the recent search terms every once in a while. It seems like it’s been quite some time since I’ve done that and when I logged in for my occasional check-in this evening and saw what brough you sick fucks over here it floored me.
Here are a few of searches from the last ten hits here (which is about 18 hours…)
1. nsfw thong
2. teen dog sex fucking
3. strippers fucking
4. teens fucking videos
WTF? Looks like some of you folks will be next to be featured on the front page of my crime blog.
And the total top searches since I moved over here?
7. zombie survival quiz – 10 hits
6. – 10 hits?
5. tramp stamp – 10 hits
4. thongs nsfw – 17 times
3. skull fuck – 32 hits
2. gay skull fucking (slightly more popular) – 40 hits
and the winner…
1. skull fucking (or skullfucking along with a couple of other combinations) – 1112 hits WOW!
I just don’t know what to say about some of these. Is it a reflection on me or YOU?

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