Stabbing in Carroll County Today


43-year-old Duane P. Clough from Graham, Alabama and his 33-year-old wife Michelle are separated. He apparently didn’t take kindly to the fact that his estranged wife was seeing another man and decided to fix it. Permanently.

Clough showed up at the home of his mother-in-law in Bowdon, GA (just east of the Georgia-Alabama border) early this morning, kicked in the front door and attacked the man his wife was seeing, 34-year-old Christopher Watkins, along with his wife and her mother. He stabbed Michelle and Christopher several times as well as cutting his mother-in-law Mary Thomas on the hand and then hit her with a vase.

Fletcher Rd Bowdon, GA - Google Maps_1255740511689

Michelle is in Tanner Hospital in critical condition and Christopher Watkins is dead.

After the stabbing Clough fled the scene. He was arrested without incident later at a relative’s home in the Bowdon area. He is currently lodged in the Carroll County Jail charged with burglary, assault and murder.

Although this is local to me I don’t have much more information than this. The number for Clough in Graham is unlisted. I’ll update this when I can. Also just a quick note. The source listed below, WSB, has the town listed as Bowden and Duane spelled as Dwayne. Both are incorrect. The spellings are correct her on the site.

Just found an update on FOX Atlanta. Video below.

Updated 10/17/09 – Bennett Rolan at the Times-Georgian put the story up just after midnight. According to them Clough allegedly attempted suicide a couple of months ago and had to be airlifted to Columbus, Alabama where he received medical treatment. During the time he was in the hospital Michelle moved back in to their Graham, Alabama home. She left him again and returned to her mother’s house two weeks ago.

As I mentioned last night Michelle Clough was in Tanner but Mary Thomas was also admitted to the hospital yesterday but has been transported to an Atlanta area hospital since.


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