Stephen Sudduth Indicted for Child Porn


Earlier this summer 34-Year-Old Stephen Wayne Sudduth from Sealy, Texas was arrested after the Texas Attorney General’s Office found 57,000 images or child pornography and 1,000 child porn videos on his computer, some of which included pictured of himself with children.

Sudduth, who was released back in July (I don’t know if he was out on bond or just released) was arrested again earlier this week after an Austin County Grand Jury returned a 40-count indictment against him.

Sudduth taught school for several years in Katy, Texas and just this year had been hired to start teaching the fifth grade in Hays County. After he was arrested this summer he immediately resigned, even before the school board was notified by the AG’s office.

Police don’t know if any of his former students are in the pornography on his computer but they are investigating that.

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