Steven Valadez Stabbed to Death in Valinda


19-year-old Steven Valedez (twitter), the bassist from a band called Rumor Has It in the La Puente area of California was stabbed to death late Saturday night/early Sunday morning during a brawl between two groups of partiers.

According to witnesses Valadez and a small group of friends were “hanging out” at another friend’s house Saturday evening and a larger party was going on two houses down.

At some point harsh words must have started between two of the partygoers as it quickly turned into a fistfight. One of the two started to beat the other’s ass and about 30 people from the larger party jumped in. Bottles were thrown at the smaller group of people and at least one of the other group pulled a knife.

Two of the band members were injured, Steven fatally so.

Rumor has it posted this on their blog early this morning,

“To those of you who don’t already know, or weren’t with us last night. Tragedy struck us hard. Our bass player and brother Steven, was killed last night in an ugly brawl in our hometown. To call Steven a “friend”, would be a total understatement of what he meant to us. As for our future, we’re gonna take some time to slowly regroup and try to get over this. Adam was also wounded last night too. Adam is doing fine, but is still in medical care. For those who want more information, just click on the link below. We Love You All So Much!!!!! -Rumor Has It R.I.P. Steven…. =[ “

I haven’t seen a report yet as to whether there has been an arrest in the deadly stabbing.

Steven’s Twitter.

Rumor Has It MySpace.


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