Susan and Holly Brown Like to Fight Cops

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Okaloosa County Deputies in the area of Fort Walton Beach area were called to a home where to people complained that 55-year-old Susan “Mimi” Brown had thrown bottles at their cars, which caused over $2,000 in damage.

When deputies got to the Brown’s house Mimi ran into the house and pretended that she was asleep. Deputies went inside and asked her to step outside so that they could talk. When she got onto the front porch she started to yell and wrapped her arms and legs around a column.

As they were trying to handcuff Brown, her 23-year-old daughter Holly Jeannel Brown (MizVixen on MySpace) hit a deputy and then tried to pull him away from her mother. The deputy got Holly on the ground and she continued to wrestle with him.

Susan Brown was arrested for Battery on an Officer, Criminal Mischief and Resisting an Officer With Violence and Holly was charged with Resisting an Officer With Violence and a probation violation from an arrest last October.

Apparently Susan Brown is unemployed but the arrest report lists her last occupation as a dancer at several strip joints. One look at the mug shot will tell you why she’s unemployed. Shit, I’ll give her a dollar just to keep her clothes on.

Holly Brown’s old MySpace.

Holly Brown current MySpace.

Susan Brown Booking.

Holly Brown Booking.


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