Updated – Tessa Zelek Found Guilty on All Charges – Gets 70 years in Prison


25-year-old Tessa Noel Zelek, the Atlanta mother of 13-month-old twins accused of almost starving her children to death has been found guilty of child cruelty, deprivation of a minor and forgery after the jury deliberated for an hour today.

Tessa and her husband 25-year-old  James Alvin McCart were too busy forging prescriptions for methadone and staying stoned to sweat the small stuff, like feeding the children.

Luckily for the two children the pediatrician got involved and called for help after Zelek and the twins missed several appointments in order to hide the fact that they were so malnourished.

James McCart has yet to be tried but he did testify during Zelek’s trial that the two of them would take at least twenty pills a day and would go several days at a time without feeding the children. Zelek also faces more charges for allegedly hiding the child cruelty that she was responsible for.

Tessa’s mother was also arrested back in 2007 for the crimes. Christi Zelek worked as a Special Education Coordinator for Henry County for several years. She was also charged with failure to report child abuse. According to Christi “There was nothing wrong with those children”.

According to one of the stories from back in 2007:

According to police, Christi Zelek arrived at McCart and Tessa Zelek’s mobile home, at 31 Lacosta Drive, in Lovejoy, and found the parents unconscious. Christi Zelek allegedly called family members in Fayetteville, and asked them to take the boys, “to keep police and [Department of Family and Children Services] from discovering the condition of the children,” Turner said. After hiding the children, she returned to the Lovejoy trailer home, cleaned it up, and called 911 for her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend, police said.

McCart tested positive at the time for Cocaine and Zelek refused to take a drug test but police found Oxycontin, Percocet and methadone at the house.

Christi Zelek’s trial is scheduled for later this month.

Updated 10/19/09 – Tessa’s sentencing is supposed to be this afternoon. I haven’t yet found an update but will post it later when her sentence is announced. She faces up to 70 years in prison for starving her children.

Update II 10/19/09 – A Clayton County Superior Court Judge sentenced 25-year-old Tessa Zelek to 70 years in prison. The stupid bitch will have to served at least 75% of her sentence in jail before she is eligible for release, making her around 77 before she can get out.


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