The Sprague Brothers Really Like Beer Pong

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There are certain sports that just seem to lend themselves to violence both among their players as well as the fans. Rugby and it’s American counterparts Football and Soccer, Hockey, Beer Pong…Wait a minute! Beer Pong? Apparently there are groups of people that take their Beer Pong so seriously that messing with them will result in a beatdown as evidenced by the five fucktards pictured above and the three not pictured who have all been arrested for that very crime.

Back in mid-September 21-Year-Old Dustin Alan Sprague (the first picture) and his brother 18-year-old Austen Michael Sprague (2nd in the lineup) were at a Beer Pong party in Westminster, California (home of Bill Arganda) and were starting to get very loud and obnoxious with the other guests. The woman who was hosting the party asked another guest, Brenden Boyle, to have them leave. The two argued with him but they did leave shortly after midnight, only to return later with six other dudes in two cars.

Boyle happened to be out front having a smoke when the group returned. This time they were armed for bear and weren’t getting thrown out of no stinkin’ party. The eight men were armed with metal pipes, golf clubs, tire irons and some of those short wooden bats like they give you at baseball games. Really they are just 18” long wooden clubs. Pretty stout at that although they work better if you drill them out and fill them with lead, but I digress. The eight men smashed in Brenden’s truck windows and then proceeded to beat the holy crap out of him and two other friends at the party, stole his wallet and took off.

The Sprague brothers were arrested that night and the other three dudes pictured, Andrew Antunez, Harry Hoshiyama and Michael Felien were all arrested by the end of the weekend. The other three cohorts, Joseph Chavez, Ricardo Padilla and Jarrod Rice have all been arrested since.

When Antunez and Felien were arrested at their apartment police found the two baseball bats, tire irons and an unloaded .22 pistol. All but Padilla and Antunez have pleaded not guilty to Assault With a Deadly Weapon, Vandalism, Robbery and Burglary. Those two will be arraigned on December 2nd.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about wild Beer Pong parties. If you’ll recall there were some guys down in Louisiana that were inviting girls (minors) to their house to play strip beer pong and have sex with them. I think I wrote about them last year at some point.

Source | Jarrod’s MySpace (old) and the new one | Joseph Chavez’s MySpace | Harry’s MySpace | Andrew’s MySpace | Austen Sprague’s MySpace | Dustin’s Old MySpace (there are also several others that may be him as well)

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