Update – The Villanuva Children are Missing

villanuvaImage from CBS Atlanta News 

I don’t have a lot of information on these kids or why they left their home in Gainesville, GA. The three children, 13-year-old Janet, 7-year-old Alexander and Alexis Villanuva left their home around 6PM last night and were finally reported missing around 2AM this morning.

There were reports that the three children were seen at a carnival in a shopping center about two and a half miles from their home. Janet was last seen wearing a black and yellow sweater and jeans and the two boys were wearing white t-shirts and black shorts.

Update – As of about 9PM last night the site at CBS News was updated and the three children have been found. The twins are at home safe with their parents and the 13-year-olf girl has been detained by a Hall County Juvenile Court detention order. The Gainesville Police would like to thanks folks for their tips which led to the location of the children.

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