There's Something Fishy About Donald Fite


27-year-old Donald Earl Fite III pleaded guilty to charges of animal abuse and assault this week for an attack on his girlfriend Sarah Harris and her pet fish back in July

It’s not listed as to when Donny and his girlfriend broke up buck back toward the end of July he decided he wanted to reconcile. She returned to her apartment to find Fite laying on her bed and begging her to get back together with him.

When the girlfriend told him to bugger off he shoved her up against the wall, pulled her hair and threw her against the bathtub. She managed to get out of the apartment before it could get any worse.

The woman came back to her apartment with the cops in tow and when they arrived Fite was gone but they made a grueling discovery. He pet fish, a purple Betta named DeLorean (apparently named after a band Donny belongs too, DeLorean Sunset) was lying on the apartment floor with a knife through it’s fishy little body. There was no hope for poor DeLorean. His watery life had been drained for good.

On a personal note, I think I would have eaten the little bastard. No evidence unless the cops wanna dig through some fishy poo. Nothing like a little butter on a betta…


When officers arrested Fite he admitted to killing the fish and allegedly told police, “If she can’t have me, then she can’t have the fish”

In court Fite’s attorney told the judge that this was a low point in Donald Fite’s life (ya think?) and that he was “absolutely mortified and ashamed about what he did to the fish”. Considering that his MySpace nickname is now “FishKiller Fite” I highly doubt he’s fucking mortified. As a matter of fact he seems to be enjoying his newly found fish fame. Check out the screenshot from his MySpace:

FishKiller Fite - MySpace_1255527054104

For his guilty plea he was sentenced to two years of probation, 80 hours of community service and also has to pay $617 in fines and court costs.

In other related news Harris told the judge that she was planning to get a memorial tattoo of the fish (where does a female get a fishy tattoo BTW?) and wanted Fite to pay for it. She also wanted the judge to order Fite to have no contact with any fish. The judge refused both requests, no doubt laughing manically for the entire evening once court was over.

Don’t think I’m taking the physical abuse lightly. Far from it but a memorial tattoo for a fish?

I think maybe I’ll be having fish sticks for lunch…mmmm goood.

Donny Fite’s MySpace (cache doesn’t seem to be available)

Delorean Sunset MySpace. (Fite’s band)

Leaderspdx MySpace (another band Fite is in)

Donny’s Photobucket.

StupidVideo Profile.


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