Today's Big Drug Bust in Cherokee County

Seems like law enforcement in and around Atlanta have really been stepping up their game the last couple of weeks, particularly against a Mexican drug trafficking ring they have been investigating for the last three months.

Law enforcement executed six search warrants in Cherokee, Fulton and Dekalb Counties, arresting eight people in the process. All eight are lodged in the Cherokee County Jail.

In addition to the arrests police seized five pounds of meth and one and a half pounds of cocaine. They estimate the street value to be about $136,000. Seven guns and $40k in cash were also seized.

The people arrested are Nadeyda Romero-Reynosa, Arazeli Pineda, Arutro Majia, Eduardo Rosales-Tinoco and Gabriela Salinas Gomez, all from Atlanta, Maria Isabel Guzman-Gariby and Fernando Penalosa-Sanchez from Canton, Herman Santana from Dunwoody.

I don’t have mugshots for the folks but if I can get hold of them I will add them to the post.


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