Tony Perez Arrested in Murder of Cori Desmond

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The last status update on 28-year-old Cori Daye Desmond’s MySpace page is “Believe in your dreams because they believe in you!”. Very fitting from all I have read about Cori in researching this article. She was very loved by her family and friends who have left comments of caring and hope on her site.

The attractive young waitress wanted to be a teacher. Her father and brother are heartbroken by her loss and her father has spent the last eight months trying to find out what happened to his daughter back in February. It appears now that police have caught their man.


Back in the middle of February Cori Day Desmond disappeared after leaving the Bac Street Lounge in Redondo Beach. 36 hours later her body was discovered in the nearby mountains, beaten and bloody and wrapped in a trashbag, left lying in a ditch.

Detectives from the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Office have spent the last eight months scouring Redondo Beach for clues as to what happened to Cori. A $15,000 reward was even offered for tips leading to an arrest and some of the tips finally panned out from an anonymous source. Two of them actually, one back in May and another in August.

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35-year-old Tony Lopez Perez, the general manager for the Spitfire Grill, has been arrested on suspicion of murdering Cori Desmond after he came to the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department for an interview with investigators. He’s currently being held in the San Bernadino County Jail without bond.

Most of the evidence and the arrest affidavit are sealed, as are the results of the autopsy but according to the anonymous tip Perez, who it seemed was a complete stranger to Desmond, had been acting suspiciously since her body had been found. He quickly scrubbed down his Durango and sold it to a dealership, replacing it with a similar SUV. After police tracked down the new owner and impounded the Durango they found a bloody toe ring under the driver’s seat as well as blood and hair similar to Desmond’s in the car.

Police also have not released a motive in the crime but they are saying that it was sexually related.

Perez has a couple of MySpace pages here and here. The second one was logged in to most recently but the first is not really that old, having been logged into back in June. One thing that you notice when someone loses their password is that they end up with the same friends and pics. Some of the photos of Tony are the same but the friends on both profiles are entirely different. The friend’s listed un his theredondoperezfamily profile appear to be his family members while the ocstraycat profile are other people, perhaps a friend or two, a 16-year-old girl in Florida, perhaps some co-workers. Maybe that’s just his way to keep work and family apart or maybe he really did just forget his password. Only Tony will be able to answer that.

Perez’s criminal record is nothing spectacular that would lead anyone to think him capable of murder at least one the surface, having just a single DUI in 2007. It is also rumored that Perez is an ex-cop with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department although I have not had that confirmed yet.

Tony’s Flixster profile.

Tony’s Bebo profile.


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