Trevor Onar Has God on His Side


According to Trevor Martell Onar’s MySpace page,

Im a very smart person, lovve to read, talk to friends, go out, attend church (Beautiful Zoin M.B. Church) and everything above. im about 5’8 weight 135 brown skin short curl hair one gold crown tooth and fine as a cadillac, have a car, house, and my own job.

Spelling and grammatical errors aside it would seem that there are some other areas where he isn’t quite so smart as well. Trevor is a wannabe con artist.

Onar, from Forrest City, Arkansas, has been posing as a youth minister from a West Memphis church. I’m not sure how long he managed to get away with it but judging from media releases it was only long enough to land himself in trouble.

Onar stole a bible from one of the church members and along with the bible he stole her Cadillac from a repair shop and replaced the license plate with one that read “clergy”. In addition he also stole the blank checks that were inside it. The checks came in handy for a while. He paid some bills with them but they ended up being his downfall. Trevor wrote himself a $700 check for “lawn care” and went to cash it at the woman’s bank. Fortunately the bank president knew the woman and knew the checking account had been flagged with a fraud alert for stolen checks. He called the police.

Right before Onar was taken into custody the stolen Cadillac drove up with Onar’s friends inside. They allegedly weren’t aware that the car was stolen as he had told them his mother gave him the car.

Under Trevor’s ‘Interests’ on one of his four MySpace pages it says,

My inerests are gurls thats not all bout games and a lot of bull. I like gurls that are smart, faithful, love to talk, go out, and know how to treat her man and make him feel special. I’m looking for a female thats into church and knows who her God is, love to look good, dress to the “T” and dats on top of her game.

Perhaps he can find his special love in jail…

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