Vanessa Gaxiola and Enrique Orozco Want a Few Chips With Their Meth

concepsion enriqueorozco

36-year-old Enrique Orozco and 27-year-old Vanessa Concepcion Gaxiola of Tucson, Arizona were pulled over last Thursday by the Arizona Department of Public Safety for a traffic violation as well as having what is described as an equipment violation (no headlights or taillights) and I’ll bet they wish they had gotten that shit fixed.

A K9 Unit participated in the stop and the drug dog alerted police to the fact that there were drugs in the car. After a search officers found about $10k in meth jammed into a bag of Barbecue-flavored Lays Potato Chips in the back seat of their car.

Orozco and Gaxiola were arrested and lodged in the Pima County Jail on charges of possession and transportation of dangerous drugs.


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