Venus Lewis Got Drunk and Nasty


Lots of people are pretty passionate about football but not all of them get quite as passionate as 41-year-old Venus S. Lewis who attended a game in Ocala, Florida this past Saturday.

Lewis was seen chasing two underage football players at a Rec Center game, telling them that if she caught them she would have sex with them. Don’t worry guys, I would have run like hell too.

Once she got tired of the chase the drunk walked between two picnic tables, dropped trou and stuck a tampon up in there before masturbating in front of the boys. She also tried to grab another kids junk as well.

Lewis was arrested and charged with Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition and Battery. It should come as no surprise that Lewis has had quite a bit of fun in Marion County, having been arrested nine times since 2005 for possession of open container, trespassing, theft, resisting arrest, brandishing a firearm, aggravated battery, criminal trespassing, possessing drug paraphernalia and criminal mischief. Damn lady, you need to lay off the sauce for awhile. Go to a fucking meeting or something.


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