William Rogers Loves Jesus and Little Girls


29-year-old William Truett Rogers of Fork, South Carolina was arrested this past Wednesday after an investigation in Marion County, SC uncovered the fact that he had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the woods near her home back in early august. About a week later he emailed the girl a sexually graphic story about a teacher having sex with a student. At one point he was employed in South Carolina as a substitute teacher.

According to William’s MySpace page “Thunder in Carolina” (no reference to the movie as far as I can tell, just some anime reference) a.k.a. “DigimonNinjaTamer” is just a Jesus believing, anime loving, boy from the sticks of South Carolina. Because, well, you know…Jesus just loves backwoods Jesus loving anime boys that like to fuck little girls in the woods. Not that I’m dissing on the fact that he’s from the south. Heck, I’m just a small-town, small-minded redneck, but then again I don’t screw little girls in the woods.

As pointed out on the story up at the Dead Kids of MySpace William likes to write (a lot) about Jesus and Sinning. There are several links to cached versions of his stories over there. I’m not going to link to them from here right now, you’ll just have to check them out when you finish here.

One thing they noticed that I did as well as that among Rogers’ interests he never mentions overtly pedophilia but he does manage to have quite a few photos of his teenage niece up there. That may just be simple familial love that I shouldn’t be drawing too many conclusions from but combined with the rest it just struck me as a bit creepy.

I also found something that disturbed me as well but it certainly didn’t surprise me. A lot of the comments at the news story linked to as the source below are things like “The 13 year old should be charged too” blaming a 13-year-old girl for the crime.  Teenagers make really stupid decisions at times and it’s up to the adults in their lives to help them pick right from wrong. When you have some douchebag posing as a so-called “Christian” leading them in the wrong direction what the hell do you expect? Teenagers are very impressionable.

Anyway, online William also goes by Rockmanx on at least one site, Gaia Online.

DigimonNinjaTamer’s ArtBistro profile.

William’s MySpace.


Rockmanx profile.

Facebook Profile.

Animazement Profile (goes by DigimonNinja)

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