Xiomara Diaz and Rafael Ortiz Arrested After Their Children Found Riding Big Wheels in the Nude

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My kids have always eschewed their clothing, particularly when they were small. It’s nothing for the entire crew here at the Miles Casa to be seen running around with nothing but t-shirts and underwear if anything at all. As they have gotten older we’ve all started keeping our damned clothes on simply because of the fact that sometimes unannounced company shows up. Also now that the girls are getting older it’s just sort of creepy but when they were two or three it just wasn’t an issue and personally I don’t think people should be so hung up about it. Hell, I can remember plenty of times when they were small and just out playing in the yard with nothing on but their birthday suits. The thing is though, we always monitored them, were always there and didn’t let them just wander wherever the fuck they wanted. 22-year-old Xiomara Enid Diaz and 24-year-old Rafael Viconte Ortiz must have missed that day in Parenting 101.

Hillsborough County Florida Deputies responded to a call on Sugar Creek Drive on Tuesday and found two little boys, two and three years old riding their big wheels around buck naked about a block from their home. When the officers took the children home they found the doors open. They knocked and yelled several times and finally the three-year-old went inside to wake up his parents, Xiomara and Rafael. Dumb shits.

When police entered the home they found it disgusting. Two pet chihuahuas were wandering around shitting all over the house, there were no beds for the children and no food in the house. Diaz and Ortiz were arrested and charged with child neglect and confinement of animals without food or water. Both of the boys as well as a 5-year-old who was in kindergarten at the time were removed by welfare workers and the dogs are with county Animal Services. The two adults are currently lodged in the Hillsborough County Jail on $7,000 bond.

Rafael Ortiz Charge Report.
Xiomara Diaz Charge Report.
Xiomara’s MySpace.
Rafael’s MySpace.

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