David Todd Napodano is the Shit


No matter how many freakishly depressing stories I come across and write about here there is always at least one that, while not redeeming the general population in my eyes, at least makes me see the humor in things. 42-Year-Old David Todd Napodano of Lehigh Acres, Florida has/is one of those stories.

A woman and her adult daughter were leaving the Wal-Mart and trying to find their car in the parking lot when they happened to walk past Napodano’s Chevy Van in which Napodano was, for lack of better words, reposing.

When Napodano noticed the two women coming by he stood up, nekked as a jaybird and did a little dance, shaking his hips. I think I would probably have the same reaction as Jaded, uncontrollable bursts of laughter, but the ladies didn’t see it that way and called 911.

When the cops arrived, and HOUR later, Napodano was still inside his van. Still naked. When Collier County Deputies attempted to speak with Napodano he told them he was naked because he had an extreme case of explosive diarrhea and was using his tightie whities to clean up the mess. Oh how I would hate to have been the deputy who had to ask to examine his underwear…Luckily for the officer they were clean and the cops could find no evidence of ‘uncontrolled bowels’. Not so lucky for David Napodano, who was arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

Here’s your 15 minutes, Jack. I hope you enjoy it.

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