Deniecia Lester. Kidnapped and Arrested?


Wednesday Evening 24-Year-Old Deniecia E. Lester sent a text message to her husband letting him know that she had been kidnapped (gonna be late for dinner honey, I’ve been kidnapped). As a result Fulton County Police along with the help of United States Marshals desperately searched for her in Clayton County on Thursday after an alert was put out.

Lester was finally located Thursday night around 9:30 p.m. at an apartment in Clayton County. FAIL! She hadn’t been kidnapped at all, just needed a bit of time with her boyfriend. Ooops.

Lester was arrested and charged with False Report of a Crime. She had a court appearance earlier today, was granted $5,000 bond and was put into a treatment diversion program. Seems like she already had her diversion but whatever.

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