Updated – Four Year Old Alex Mercado Found Dead in a Dryer

alexmercado.pngThis past Friday a four-year-old boy, Alex Christopher Mercado, of Mendota, CA was reported missing. Flyers were posted all around town and it seemed like the entire town was searching due to how fast the news spread through word of mouth as well as the media. After a 24 hour search the little boy was found in the clothes dryer belonging to a neighbor.

A 14-year-old boy who lives in the house where Alex was found has been arrested in connection with the murder of the four-year-old. The Fresno County Sheriff is supposed to have a news conference at 3:30 PST this afternoon to announce the cause of death.

Update I – While the Fresno County Sheriff won’t release full details of the autopsy they are saying that four-year-old Alex Mercado was playing outside of his home Friday when the 14-year-old took him inside his house, drowned him and placed him in the dryer which is behind a door out of site.

The Sheriff’s Officer does have suspicions as to motive but won’t be releasing any details until at least the case is presented to the DA’s Office tomorrow.

Update II 11/7/09 – According to police the 14-Year-Old boy, Raul Renato Castro, drowned the little boy because he had threatened to tell his mother that Raul was molesting him. How awful.


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