Updated – Jeffrey Few Found in Texas


Jeffrey Few and his mother, 31-year-old Jennifer Cook, were found in Galveston, Texas late on Friday night according to a statement released by police earlier today.

I don’t have any more details right now but will update this post later in the week. For more info check out my previous post here.

Update I – According to KHOU in Galveston police there were able to find Jennifer Cook and Jeffrey Few by tracking her online to her IP address at a beach house in Galveston. Apparently Cook’s ‘addiction’ to Internet video games is what gave her away. Once they found the general neighborhood (she had signed off before they could get a definite address) they were able to patrol the area until they found Cook’s 1990 Acura Legend.

Cook has friends in the area as she is a former UTMB student but they still aren’t sure how she came to be in the house where they found her. It has one of the co-owners listed as a Houston Attorney.

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