Jeffrey Robinson Accused of Fondling a Girl


Back in early October a 15-Year-Old girl and two of her friends who were having a sleepover decided to go visit 36-Year-Old Jeffrey Robinson, owner of Olde Naples Surf Shop in Naples, FL, and his girlfriend Christy Peterson. Apparently they knew Peterson and figured it would be a cool thing to do. Robinson and Peterson allowed the girls to drink alcohol while they were there and then the girls stayed the night. The 15-Year-Old girl started falling asleep so Peterson offered to let her use her bed. Around 5 a.m. The girl woke up to find that Christy Peterson had left the bedroom and Jeffrey Robinson was allegedly molesting her. She managed to get out of the room and called her boyfriend to pick her up.

The girl didn’t report the incident for another week, because she was afraid of her mother knowing about spending the night at a stranger’s and drinking. Since too much time had passed for them to do a rape kit police set up a phone call between the girl and Peterson during which Peterson basically admitted to what happened.

Robinson was arrested earlier in the week when he surrendered himself at the Naples Police Department. He was charged with Lewd or Lascivious Molestation.


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