Kane Kellett is Money Hungry

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24-Year-Old Kane Kellett of Crystal Lake, Illinois is in a pretty foul mood, or at least his actions in court this weekend certainly make it look that way.

Kellett was arrested and charged with home invasion and according to the County State’s Attorney he was not very happy when they brought him out of lockup in front of the judge. When the judge asked him if he had an attorney Kellett’s answer was “Fuck, no”. Not a very good answer for the guy that keeps your ass in jail there Kane. The judge magnanimously proceeded to overlook the transgression and told Kellett to raise his right hand to be sworn. What’s Kellett do?

He raises his right hand, middle finger extended, flipping off Judge G. Martin Zopp. Kellett’s ‘good’ mood has now earned him a six-month stay in the county jail for contempt of court. I guess since he was on McHenry County’s Ten Most Wanted list for awhile he ain’t such a nice guy anyway.

Unless you are some kind of frigging murderer or child molester with no chances of getting out of jail anytime soon, chances are you need to be polite to the judge, a lesson that hopefully Kane Kellett will have learned before his next court appearance.

Kellett’s last status update on his MySpace page says he’s “money hungry”. His last login was Friday night October 30th. I’m assuming this was shortly before his hunger for money got his sorry ass locked up.

Source H/T to the Omnibus Driver

Kane’s MySpace

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