50-Year-Old Mark Warren Samoline from Duluth, GA, a vice-president with UPS and Colonel (reserves) in the United States Marine Corps Individual Ready Reserve has been arrested and charged with rape in Bloomington, Indiana. Samoline is out on bond and has pleaded not guilty after telling the court that the sex was consensual. The 21-Year-Old woman was a student from Indiana University and allegedly the roommate of his daughter.

Samoline is on administrative leave from UPS following his arrest.

Update I 11/6/09 – There is an unconfirmed rumor that Samoline is now deceased (This has now been confirmed, see below update). As soon as I can confirm that it’s true or not I will update this again. I still have note been able to find any local reports yet but there have been a couple of people who have left comments as such in the last 24 hours.


One thing to note. Samoline had several online profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn and over the last week they have all disappeared. For example his Facebook was here and LinkedIn here but neither exist anymore nor are they even in Google’s cache. Yahoo has also recently removed his FaceBook profile from it’s cache as well. His profile has also been deleted. There is a cached version of Samoline’s Facebook you can access here.

Update II 11/7/09 – I have emailed a couple of the local reporters that put up a quick blurb on the Samoline case last week to try and verify the comment that he has passed away. As of yet I don’t have confirmation of that. The funeral home that handled the process for a relative earlier this year also has no information on any arrangements as of yet either.

Anyone with information on Mark Samoline that doesn’t necessarily want to comment is more than welcome to email me anonymously at the ‘contact me’ link in the top right corner of the page.

Update III 11/7/09 – In addition to the several commenters here I have had a couple of other unnamed sources confirm that Mark Samoline has indeed passed away, although whether it was self-inflicted or not is a question I have. Regardless of the charges he was facing our sympathy goes out to the Samoline family as well as that of the victim. They will all have a long road to travel in their grief. I may or may not update the story again depending on if there are any changes to information I receive.

Updated 11/9/09 – Due to the fact that I have received a Cease and Desist letter I have removed all comments from this post.

While most of what I have here wouldn’t be considered as defamatory there are quite a few comments that most definitely could, both from the alleged rape victim’s supporters as well as Samoline’s ardent friends. That’s normal in a case like this as emotions can run high. Unfortunately all of the comments will be deleted and no more comments will be accepted on this post. If you feel the need to vent or have verifiable information as to this post feel free to email me anonymously at the link in the top right on my sidebar.

As part of the Cease and Desist the attorney claims that the email sent to me is copyright and I cannot use it in a post. While I might be able to post it here and fight it out I do not have the time to devote to the matter.

Update 11/10/09 – I removed this post in it’s entirety yesterday but obviously I have put it back up. Prior to Samoline’s untimely demise the only portion of this post that was online was the first paragraph prior to the 11/6 update. While attorneys for Mr. Samoline claim that the attention from the media and “crime blogs” is what led to his death I don’t see it that way. Shadowscope is the only crime blog that had a post up about the alleged rape at the time of his death and it was one entire paragraph.  The post will remain online, however comments will remain closed on this.

According to WTOP Mark Samoline checked into a Marriott Residence Inn in Norcross, GA, placed a plastic bag over his head and ingested helium that he pumped into the bag from a tank, the result being that he died from asphyxiation. Police won’t say if he left a note. The Herald-Times is reporting that police found a suicide note at the scene along with other personal belongings.

Samoline has been a Colonel in the Reserve since 2005 and earned several rewards while serving throughout his military career.

Attorneys representing Samoline released a statement yesterday afternoon,

“The death of Mark Samoline is a tragedy for everyone involved, but, the rush to judgment by the justice system, UPS, the media and the Internet community was more than he could take, even though he strongly and consistently maintained his innocence. While the Constitution provides that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty, this is a tragic example of how today’s society rushes to judgment, without waiting to hear the whole story.”

Considering that there was very little media coverage of this story anywhere but the Herald Times Online prior to Samoline’s death I find blaming his death on the media a bit hard to swallow. About the only reports you could find anywhere were little more than a paragraph explaining the arrest and the fact that he said it was consensual and gave a DNA sample to make sure he didn’t have any sexually transmitted diseases that might be passed on to the woman.

His attorneys do have a point though, in that sometimes the public and media, myself included, do have a tendency to rush to judgment in matters such as this. While I don’t think this was one of those cases it does happen.

Updated 11/10/09 – I have reopened the comments on this post. I have posted some new rules for commenting her until I can implement a registration system that will actually work. Please feel free to post your opinions and/or anything you know but remember the following rules.

1. No personal attacks.

2. Be civil with each other or I will delete your comment.

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4. I encourage you to post information about any case which you may have knowledge of but please don’t just make stuff up to post it.

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