Ronald Wallace Arrested For Child Abuse


From the Marion County Sheriff’s Office,

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested a staff member of the Marion Juvenile Correctional Facility after an investigation revealed the employee used unnecessary force on a juvenile. On Monday, 11-02-09, deputies responded to the facility, 10420 NW Gainesville Road, after a physical altercation between two staff members and several juveniles was reported. One of the juveniles was allegedly placed in a “choke-hold” by staff member Ronald Wallace Jr. and became unconscious. The juvenile then fell to the ground, causing serious injury to his head.

Several juveniles and staff members were interviewed by the Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Children and Families. Wallace’s statement was inconsistent with other witness’ statements as well as the victim’s injuries. Wallace was subsequently arrested for aggravated child abuse.

It’s bad enough that something led to the kid being locked up in the first place, whether it be bad decisions on his part or bad parenting but once the folks that are supposed to watch over them start abusing kids it’s just a messed up situation.

30-year-old Ronald Gregory Wallace has been arrested and charged with Aggravated Child Abuse.


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