Fuck Off You Fucking Fuckers

Apparently the more the site sits dormant, ignored like a red-headed step-child, beaten like the black sheep it is, the more the spammers stop in and spread their cheer. Or perhaps it’s just the fact that I don’t stop in very often and it just looks like a ton of spam that I needed to delete.
Whatever it is, I hate spam and spammers. At least they make it easy to tell real comments from spam. I suppose it could be much worse.
I’m pretty testy(cal) today. Comes from working four weeks straight with one day off in each. I’m glad the holidays are over now. Only thing I’m concentrating on now at work is fixing a few things and trying to get put on the “selectable” list for promotion.
Both of the other district managers out here that I am friends with put in their applications at the same time I did and while I most likely did much better on the deductive reasoning portion of the test one of them has been a district for ten years. I figure she and I will end up being put on the list, not sure about the other. That doesn’t guarantee promotion though. The levels down from me are pretty much promoted using the FIFO method. Whoever has been on the promotable list the longest gets offered the position first. If they for some reason turn it down it goes to the next.
Once you get up to my level it is strictly based on ability (or in some cases brown nosing). I’m not very good at brown nosing but I have mucho experience and ability so hopefully will be able to pick up another six or so stores at some point in 2010. I am relatively certain now that it won’t be this month though. I am pretty sure that the next guy that will be taking the position is just going to be a lateral move.
While all that promotion stuff would be gravy on the cake all I really want now are my days off 🙂 which start tomorrow.

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