Chiggers are pretty nasty. I’ve gotten them before but it’s been a long time. As a matter of fact it’s probably been 30 years or so.

The wife has them. She went climbing around in the woods up at Cloudland Canyon this weekend on a field trip for this class and came home with a shitload of rocks and some unwelcome guests.

If I recall correctly chiggers were even worse than a bad case of poison ivy. Scratch them and it just spreads the larvae around making things worse.

I figured I would get online and look up the best thing for chiggers. Of course there are the old wives tales of kerosene and nail polish but they usually just make things worse. Calamine lotion seems to be the ticket but of course washing well also helps. Good soapy water. As a matter of fact that’s one of the recommendations on several sites I came across. Wash well with soap and water using an exfoliating pad making sure to clean sensitive areas under the knees, armpits, anus, etc…

Of course when I read the paragraph the only two words I saw were exfoliating and anus.

I guess most guys still have a ten-year-old stuck inside.

I know this one does.