There’s No Fuck You In Team…

So I’m at my weekly meeting Thursday and I get informed that we are having an area-wide thing on the 10th and 11th and I need to plan on having someone else run my stores those two days. Crap. That means going out of town or something along those lines.

Probably one of those team-building things. There’s no “fuck you” in team so this should be a blast. Not.

I need to quit being so grumpy.

Actually in the past the functions I’ve gone to haven’t been all bad. One year we just hung out on the lake and barbecued. It’s nice to see a lot of the people that I only run in to a couple of times a year. One year we spent a day on a scavenger hunt. It was pretty cool even if it was intended to be a team-building thing. I haven’t had the opportunity to go on a multi-day thing but I’m sure it will be fun. A change of pace at the very least.

So I mentioned a couple of days ago that we’re having a party/get-together the weekend of August 14th. The wife is graduating from UWG with her EDS, which just kicks ass. She’s killed herself working and with school the last year or so and deserves it. Anyway, the party isn’t supposed to be for her, so we’re calling it a back-to-school thing.

I’ll be sending out emails and facebook/myspace messages to everyone I can think of later this evening but if you don’t get one, don’t feel slighted, just send me a fucking email. I tend to be forgetful and am bound to miss someone. Also, if you receive an invite on more than one service feel free to only respond on one. I’m sure there will be overlap and I’m not sure if people get on Facebook or MySpace more or if they just do email so I’m gonna send it to everyone.

If you are coming from out of town we do have an extra room but you’ll need to contact me first to check and make sure it’s not taken. Also, there are several hotels ranging from decent to nasty within seven miles from here in Bremen and Villa Rica so there is no shortage of lodging.

I have to drive to Carrollton on Friday to get tags for the new car. I am toying with the idea of getting a vanity plate and can’t decide if I’m vain enough to do so. Plus all the cool names have been taken. I doubt they would let me get one with profanity on it and even if they did it most likely wouldn’t be a smart thing to do business wise. I suppose I’ll just go with the generic tags again. I did have several ideas though.

Perhaps one of the Sons of Confederate Veterans tags?

Probably not a good idea. Someone will shoot my fat redneck ass before I get home.

Prestige plates can’t exceed seven characters including spaces and can only be letters or numbers. Here are a few I thought of.




OBVIOUS (undoubtedly already taken)


Any good ideas?

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