Who gives a fuck about your lifestream anyway?

One of the things I found extremely cool about Movabletype was that a couple of years ago they rolled out the Actionstream plugin. Basically it reads RSS feeds and scrapes HTML pages to come up with a list of shit you do on the Internet. When I switched most of my sites over to WordPress I had a hard time finding the same functionality but I did manage to find a developer who had already ported it over to a WordPress plugin. I am currently using it at Shadowscope.

Why, you ask? I knew we would get around to that eventually. I never heard it referred to as a “lifestream” until I switched to WP. Who the fuck, besides a bunch of self-centered bloggers would ever bother with a fucking lifestream anyway? I mean really, come on. It’s not as if I am Justin Beiber with millions of fans clamoring over what I am doing from one moment to the next and while I am better looking and probably more sexually experienced than the Beib nobody really gives a rat’s ass about whether I slept late or if I had a momentous bowel movement this morning.

I did though.

It was a religious movement.

Anyway, I am not so stuck-up that I think anyone cares. I damn sure don’t. What I do use it for is the feed itself. When I bookmark something at Delicious it stays on my site. When I listen to something new it shows up there. If I comment on someone’s blog post? Yeah, it shows up as well. I can’t remember more than one URL at a time without giving myself a brain hemorrhage so this gives my non-gum chewing walking dumb ass a place to save what I need to remember. Also, if I post a new story or blog post on any of my sites they also show up there, which is why YOU want to look at it on occasion.

Then again, maybe you just want to know when I am going to take a healthy crap.

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  1. As a nurse, I am somehow legally obligated to care about your bowel habits and health. This is one of the many downsides to my profession. Interesting post though – not sure I’m ready to be that connected to my own lifestream.

        1. Sybil? Is that you??? 😉

          Things here are okay. Busy but that’s cool. Better busy than bored.

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