Yet Another Wonderful Day in East Jesus

So I’m sitting here taking a heck of a dump and thinking that my week has been just like what’s in the bowl below me… one big turd.

I had to go back in to work earlier this evening to oversee the shift change and as I was walking out the back door one of my employees walked back in and told me he had cut it too hard and backed in to my car on his way out…


Apparently he had a dent in his but I don’t see very well in the dark side is told him I would look at it in the daylight and let him know if he did any damage.

Once I got home I grabbed the trusty maglight and headed out into the driveway. Fuck it up here did. My front fender and the headlight assembly are all scratched up and the damn hood is all out of whack. Guess I’ll be calling insurance companies tomorrow afternoon.  Might as well get the other two rings repaired at the same time.

Overall the week hasn’t been all that bad I suppose. It just seems that way tonight.

Oh, did I mention I am finished crime blogging for awhile? I haven’t really been putting much effort into it since my dad died anyway and as I mentioned to a couple of really cool people who frequent the site I just need a bit of humor and sick crimes just ain’t doing it for me. Not that I will quit forever. It’s a much needed break.

Until next time.

Edit – I posted this from my phone so if there are any typos…fuck it.

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