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    So I took the plunge and updated to Windows 8 about a week ago. My biggest concerns with upgrading were (of course) making sure that drivers were available for my hardware. That wasn't a problem as I don't have anything freaky on this one and it was all running under Win 7 before with no problems.

    My biggest worry was whether or not there would be any issues with Oracle's VM Virtualbox. I am currently running the BBS in a virtual machine running Windows XP. Most of the door software I use under #Synchronet  would not run under a 64-bit environment. Not only that but I will eventually move the virtual machine to a dedicated box and throw it down in my basement next to the HA laptop. There was initially a problem with the networking drivers but an update for VirtualBox was available.

    Anyhow, I have been using Chrome as my browser of choice for the last couple of years. I just hate IE because it's so fucking slow and bloated. After installing Win8 I've had nothing but problems with +Google Chrome whether it's in desktop or Windows 8 mode. It crashes all the time when in Win 8 mode and doesn't want to load back up and when I can finally manage to get it back in desktop mode it won't allow web pages to load. Don't know exactly how much troubleshooting I really want to do at this point so I'm stuck with IE :(

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    5 Comments to "Back to Internet Exploder"

    • I prefer Firefox because it has the best ad blocker. Lol. Oh yeah and the font sizing just works for me. ;)

    • I quit using Firefox at about the same time as IE because it was so bloated and massive. I haven't tried it in a while so I guess it could have improved.

    • Ah yes, the whole bloated issue with browsers.  For me the consideration is ads.  No ads getting to my browser means no malware being transferred through the ads to my machine.  It also means I can visit sites that Chrome blocks because there is malware in the ads – the stuff it knows about.  Oh and google is all about ads and they track me enough without me adding my browser to their list. ;)

      However, I know that unlike most people who have issues with browsers, I don't open numerous tabs and instances. For me that is counter productive.  I may have (at most) up to 4 windows open, but generally it's only 2 tabs.  I am a heavy user of Evernote and Readability to keep stuff I want to go back to and read.  It doesn't work for many people who are just used to opening lots of windows while they are online. Everyone has a method that works for them.

    • I am pretty bad about having a ton of tabs open that's for sure. Btw, there are ad blockers for chrome as well.

    • Well, if I ever get adventurous I may try Chrome.  Right now it doesn't tempt me ;)

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