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So I took the plunge and updated to Windows 8 about a week ago. My biggest concerns with upgrading were (of course) making sure that drivers were available for my hardware. That wasn't a problem as I don't have anything freaky on this one and it was all running under Win 7 before with no problems.

My biggest worry was whether or not there would be any issues with Oracle's VM Virtualbox. I am currently running the BBS in a virtual machine running Windows XP. Most of the door software I use under #Synchronet  would not run under a 64-bit environment. Not only that but I will eventually move the virtual machine to a dedicated box and throw it down in my basement next to the HA laptop. There was initially a problem with the networking drivers but an update for VirtualBox was available.

Anyhow, I have been using Chrome as my browser of choice for the last couple of years. I just hate IE because it's so fucking slow and bloated. After installing Win8 I've had nothing but problems with +Google Chrome whether it's in desktop or Windows 8 mode. It crashes all the time when in Win 8 mode and doesn't want to load back up and when I can finally manage to get it back in desktop mode it won't allow web pages to load. Don't know exactly how much troubleshooting I really want to do at this point so I'm stuck with IE :(

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