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So the board is still there. You should be able to telnet to it at since my urls won't update. I use the MyHomeseer Connect dynamic DNS service so that I can access the BBS and web interface for my HA software along with the weather station and cameras. Unfortunately won't resolve to my IP address.

I put in a trouble ticket with +HomeSeer  support a WEEK ago and after going back and forth with them and having to basically prove that my firewall isn't a fucking problem, it was a licensing problem on their end, they finally fixed at least that part.

Still won't resolve to my IP though and even though I have taken down my router a few times and rebooted it a few more it still won't pick up a new IP address. That's a problem because Homeseer only updates THEIR servers when there is an IP change. I have asked several times if there is some way to force an update. Here's from the last three days, remember this has been going on over a week now,

ME 2/27 4:30pm: Is there some way to get HS to manually update even though my IP address has changed. I've tried releasing my IP several times and then shut down my router and cable modem. Each time it's picking up the same IP address from my provider. Heh. Any other time I would be pleased about keeping the IP but not now.

TECH SUPPORT 2/28 3:54pm: Let me know if I am understanding this correctly, you want to get a new External LAN IP Address, essentially a new router IP address? For that you would need to contact your ISP.

ME 2/28 5pm: "No, not at all. Is there some way to force homeseer to update myhomeseer connect? Since my ip won't change homeseer won't contact your end to update because it seems to think that the information is correct. Or is there a way for you to manually force your end to start resolving to my up address?

TECH SUPPORT 3/1 9:23am: That is what MyHomeSeerConnect does. It checks for an IP change and updates our records accordingly so that you do not have to worry about IP changes. 

ME 3/1 10:12 am: My ip has not changed so it won't update. still isn't resolving to my ip address. That's why I want to know if there's a way to manually force it.

ME 3/1 5:34pm: Any update on this? All I need to know is if there is a way to get HS to force an update without an IP change.

The original ticket I put in over a week ago (this is the THIRD ticket) was an ever more stupid conversation. How many different ways can I ask the same fucking question? Is it me? Maybe I'm just not being clear enough but I am getting really fucking tired of this. I've spent hundreds of $$ on software and plugins over the last 11 years with this company and I am about ready to ditch it and go with a different solution until I can go 100% linux/android. I was hoping to continue running Homeseer for the foreseeable future as it's been a rock and very invaluable but if I can't even get decent fucking support for what I am already paying for I'm about done.

Hell, they've had an ongoing problem with their help desk interface and not being able to let people answer via email for the last three years and I had to tell them how to fix it this week just so that I could reply from my phone rather than waiting to get home each day. I was hoping that would at least speed the process up. Apparently not.

If you're in the market for a home automation solution I can tell you that HS is rock solid and a great program but if you're someone who needs tech support? Buy something else. #Homeseer   #Homeautomation  

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