Virgin Mobile Wireless Hotspot

So I picked up a mobile Hotspot from Best Buy yesterday so that I could use my Nexus 7 tablet for Ingress and free my phone up. There's nothing more f''ing irritating than getting a phone call right in the middle of trying to destroy an Enlightened portal. Ack.

Yeah, I know I can use my phone as a Hotspot  it's rooted of course, but I've had issues doing that and for some reason it will just occasionally lose connectivity. That's across two ROMS so it's just something with my phone. Besides, I needed the Hotspot mostly for work and will end up being a tax deduction because of that.

Anyway, setup is a cinch. Just had to activate on their wed site, set up a prepaid account and top up!

I used it today for three hours and it worked great. Mind you, I live in east hell and was playing even farther out. Buchanan, Bremen and Temple, GA is where I was and I never once lost connectivity. Not only that but three hours of playing with Ingress constantly running and I only used 18 megs of data. I had been concerned that I only bought a $35 card and that I might need to top up again but this should definitely be sufficient.

Anyone looking for a prepaid Hotspot might want to check it out.

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