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    Ack…it's time to get to work.

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    5 Comments to "Need to finish this tomorrow. Sick child so I may not have time"

    • Viking Eric says:

      What are you wanting it to look like?

    • Need to link Charles Carroll to temple fire dept. That should create two fields. Planning on upgrading either Buchanan or Tallapoosa. Doesn't matter which but I have 3 lvl 7 resos, don't want to use them in VR since it's so volatile right now. Bremen is all unclaimed right now as well

    • Viking Eric says:

      Cool. I'm going to Marietta today with the family for chuck e cheese time. I will try to help out. I have one level 7 and one level 6 reso right now. I kind of feel greedy for putting my higher level stuff local. But it just lasts longer here. Too far out of the way I guess.

      I have a pattern I'm following right now with certain portals being maintained and others that I let die every few days/link up. Buchanan is on my let die/link list. Ever since you took it from Renee, (thanks again for that) its pretty much been blue or white. I have 4 of the portals in Tallapoosa that I try to maintain. The rest are cycled. All this changes of course if some enl roll through. But the portals at historic tallapoosa, the post office right next to it, the Tallapoosa museum and seven chestnuts are the ones I try to keep lit.

      I think I may have a low level local enl out here. Friday I recharged those 4 to 100% and today two of them are at less than 50 while the other two are sitting around 70.

      If you make it out this far and get bremen (i wont messbwith it so you can get the ap) you should go ahead and hit bowdon. I think they are all open. So more ap for you. If you want it. What time do you think you'll be rolling through. I will drop some keys if you want them to bowdon, Buchanan, Tallapoosa, Bremen, Rockmart, Hiram. Whatever you want.ive got keys to shithole towns in KY if you want em lol.

      I just don't want to put anything out to early just in case.

    • Sounds good. I do the same thing with my 7s. They are so hard to come by out here so I am cheap with them.

      As far as timing I'll just have to let you know later today. I think my daughter has an ear infection so taking her to the doctor in the morning will take precedence. Of course she loves ingress which means we'll upgrade Carrollton afterwards. Waiting on another invite so she can play on my tablet when she's with me. If I do make it to Tallapoosa which two portals would you prefer a 7 and couple of 6s on?

    • Viking Eric says:

      Seven chestnuts. Tallapoosa museum. The other two are closer to the interstate so easy targets.

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