+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose  #SaveNahallac  

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+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose  #SaveNahallac  

One of our most upstanding and dedicated #Ingress Agents +Jeff Callahan ( #Nahallac ) has apparently been banned with no explanation or word from #Niantic as to why.  

There are literally hundreds of agents from both sides that can vouch for Jeff and have the utmost respect for him – he is a straight shooter and has never had a questionable moment in the field.  

He is key in organizing operations for the #Resistance in the Portland Metro and we find this action against him to be unwarranted and unacceptable.

I'm not one to reach out for issues of this nature generally, but Jeff is the hardest working agent I've ever met and to see him blacklisted is going to hurt morale for the Portland area.

Anything you can do to get this resolved ASAP is greatly appreciated.

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