+Ingress I'm not one to complain much, at least not in public but just felt…

+Ingress I'm not one to complain much, at least not in public but just felt the need to say this.

I'm all for improving the game and as it is still a beta there are obviously going to be some things that are buggy.

How about before adding MORE animations, avatars and badges we fix some of the things that are broken such as:

1. The problem with fields and links not showing up like in my screenshot below. There are several fields that are all linked correctly but only showing the links in both Intel as well as the scanner. In one case a link I made after driving a hundred miles last night isn't showing either. Irritaring.

2. Or Portal Vectors. USELESS as is. I drove from Temple, GA to Weaver, AL tonight and while there put up another field. The vectors it showed me while in Weaver trying to hunt down the ONE portal that is there? 84 kilometers away. WTF? After I drove back to Temple (where there are around 30 portals in a two mile range) it only showed me vectors for a couple of portals 10km away. Or how about letting us get more info when we touch the vectors. "Target?" When I'm walking that's OK but when I'm driving that's another less than useful feature since it's not tied into navigation. You've already got it working with #fieldtrip  why not steal some of that code?

Anyway, just my #rant  for the evening. I do love the game, just would like to see the current bugs that actually impact game play fixed prior to adding more eye candy.

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