• The move to its own computer has finally been accomplished. I’ve gotten Shadowscope up and running on a partially dedicated laptop instead of a VM now. I say partially because it also houses my home automation software. That’s more for ease of use because I’ll be somewhat integrating the two. Nothing on the surface, mainly just so I can get mobile notifications of new users, logins, etc.

    The connection may not be the fastest initially because I currently have it sitting in my living room on WiFi until I finish configuration on everything. Once I put it back on a Wired connection things should be better.

    You can still access the board via telnet port 23 at bbs.shadowscope.com or click the link at the top of the page to log in from here. If you have any issues please contact me via Hangouts or through the contact link on the sidebar of this page.

  • So I’m finally in the process of moving my BBS to it’s own dedicated box instead of the VM it’s been running on for the last year and a half.

    In the meantime I’ll update the software and some of the plugins and maybe even get around to checking my damned netmail that I’ve been ignoring. Ugh. Between work, family and Ingress I haven’t had much time for the BBS.

    I’ll also be running my Home Automation software from the same laptop as my old OLD laptop died a few months back. Shouldn’t be any issues there.

  • Roger Shays has put up a Fastecho tutorial for those interested. Thanks Roger.

    You can find it here.

  • Synchronet 02.01.2013 No Comments

    *** I had to change one line in the prompt below. Where it says @SMB_LAST_MSG@ that should read @SMB_TOTAL_MSGS@. The last message @-Code gives a total number of messages in the sub including deleted, dupes, etc…which may not match what the system actually shows. I found that out in some of the message bases that have a lot of posts, such as new file listings.***

    A while back I explained how to replace the message header (two ways, easy and hard) but now my prompt doesn’t match so I replaced my message reading prompt before work this morning. Here are the directions along with a couple of pics:

    1. Create your ansi prompt. Here’s mine along with an explanation of the @-codes I used.


    The @SMB_GROUP@ tells SBBS to list the current message group (Local, Fidonet, etc…) @SMB_SUB@ is the current sub, or message area, within that group. @SMB_CURMSG@ is the current message number in that group and last of all @SMB_LAST_MSG@ is the last message number available. You’ll see what they do a little later on.

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  • Synchronet 01.01.2013 No Comments

    So the next thing I decided to tackle on the board was the default user settings screen on my board.

    I initially attempted to change the text strings in my baja menu source by using the REPLACE_TEXT command in it. That apparently won’t work for whatever reason, so I had to edit the text.dat directly. Be very careful when you edit your text.dat file because you can royally screw things up here.

    What I did was to create the entire screen in Ansi and then save each line as a separate file at which point I replaced the text like so:


    Make sure to leave the line between prompt 493 and 494 as it is or you’ll mess things up.

    This is what it looks like now.


    I don’t have any plans to replace the header and footer strings at the moment although I might attempt to do that later. It was actually pretty easy, just a bit of copy and replace. Make sure to only use the string itself, don’t add the ending ESC[255D if your ansi editor inserts it at the end of the file.

  • So I’ve added a few more games and things to do on the BBS foryou to check out. I also managed to get Ftelnet working as well. Using that page (above) as my default log in now just because it’s much easier for this old man to see . Anyway, I am about 60% of the way through configuring everything the way I want. I still have a few menus to add and then it will be time to change most of the default strings. I’ve posted a few pics below of what it’s looking like now.


    The log in screen

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  • After doing a lot of hunting I finally came across this guide and am putting it here for posterity. I did switch from Argus to Radius (an Argus Clone) and went through this guide exactly as spelled out and it’s working perfectly. Waiting now for a message back from the NC with a node number. The original guide can be found here

    Updated 12/29/12 – I have also updated the bottom of the post a couple of items if you are in a multi-network situation.


    Synchronet Setup For FidoNet

    (Windows XP)



    By Dantin Hart of Rat’s Nest BBS 9/22/05
    Updated by Lord Time of Time Warp of the Future BBS 12/15/08 (on the links and e-mail)

    Also Updated by Richard Miles of Shadowscope on 11/14/12

    Okay heres the deal, you need to download 2 files required to get your Synchronet
    BBS running with FidoNet and they can be obtained through your Hub’s Coordinator,

    File names are BACKBONE and nodelist. As was explained to me by Rob Swindel the

    author of Synchronet BBS. BACKBONE.NA is the North American BACKBONE FILE.

    Make sure to contact your coordinator for the appropriate File Extension and or File.

    Also you may talk to your coordinator about getting the current nodelist.%%% <- extension

    is a number which changes with every release.

    Read more …

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